Julius Ryan, Chief Executive Officer & Business Coaching at ExploreMyPC

Julius Ryan
Chief Executive Officer & Business Coaching at ExploreMyPC

Julius Ryan, Chief Executive Officer & Business Coaching at ExploreMyPC, Certificate

“Delivering Positive Results”

ExploreMyPC prides itself on delivering high-quality website designs in a timely fashion and affordable cost. They recognize that many businesses, especially smaller businesses, long for a professional aesthetic while maintaining their financial boundaries. ExploreMyPC provides professional services that cater to all businesses, nonprofits, etc. “Our results are high quality and easily attainable, and we pride ourselves on delivering positive results in a timely fashion,” says Julius Ryan, CEO, ExploreMyPC.

Growing up in the foster system caused Julius to seek many positive influences in his life. One time model that impacted Julius was Steve Harvey. “This individual introduced me to a new perspective on life, one where I could influence the direction of my life while giving back to others. At a young age, I realized that computer technology and web design was something that sparked my interest,” he explains. “I have pursued this passion, and fortunately, it has allowed me to create a better life for myself. It has also allowed me to provide support for individuals who are also trying to create a better life for themselves.”

According to Julius, the easiest part of being a CEO is the “freedom.” Every CEO who loves their job is a visionary, and he has a vision that he cultivates and pursues to achieve that dream every day. But being a CEO is almost twice as difficult as any other company job. A CEO has the last say in most of the decisions, and he is responsible for deciding the future of the company. The burden of the fate of the company and its employees falls on the CEO, so he needs to be proactive and vigilant and make tough decisions for the betterment of his company. Armed with these qualities, Julius has taken the company to new heights.

ExploreMyPC constantly works to stay on top of the latest developments in web design. They recognize the need for top-tier websites that are easy to maintain. “We also know that new entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate. We make it our mission to relieve some stress on businesses and organizations by creating the primary point of contact (POC) for consumers and other businesses,” says Julius. “We ensure that these POCs express the organization's and companies' vision in a clean, clear manner without breaking the bank.”

ExploreMyPC has implemented a new Web Design Platform that allows any business to create or redesign their current website at an affordable price, as low as $30/mo. “While creating your professional website, you have over 100+ features and options that you can have on your website,” adds the steadfast leader. “In other words, it’s like every website platform all in one, from a domain, to free email, to a website, to build in SEO, google my business, to live chat, to zoom calls, and more.”

In an instance, George M Baty had an existing site, namely “Eye Insurance,” but it was not doing well. His website was not well recognized, and its traffic was far too less. He came to ExploreMyPC with this problem. He wanted to have more leads for his services, more pay per click, more banners, and more perhaps even brochures. When Julius and his team checked the client’s website, they found out that it was blocked from google. “We executed intensive strategies and unblocked his website from Google. Now, he has a running and successful website, and he is our happy and satisfied customer.” Julius adds, “the biggest achievement of our company is helping the small businesses expand their outreach.”

ExploreMyPC is currently in the process of expanding on the services it provides. In addition to web design, ExploreMyPC is researching various avenues to increase the business-to-consumer (B2C) link. This includes apps, social media development, etc. Also, their new upcoming approach is “consistency.” “We are happy to serve our customers because we believe that a happy and satisfied customer is the best marketing strategy. So, our new approach to making our customers happier and delighted with our services is consistency,” elucidates Julius. “We hold strong practices, and we apply them to all of our customer interactions. We make the customer feel confident that they will get what they want during our interactions. Our professional and ethical standards are unmatched.” IE




Julius Ryan
Chief Executive Officer & Business Coaching at ExploreMyPC


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